Become A Fast Learning Organization

For leaders driving the agile strategic response to success and resilience in times of uncertainty and constant change, in search of a better organizational design.

We have developed a human-centered organization simulator, allowing a truly systemic approach to organization.

Simulation associated with organizational advice allows rapid forecast impacts of organizational transformations, from employees to strategy, without the risks and cost associated with the experimentations.

Understanding with an example

Given a company wishing to be more customer-focused, the CEO has decided to transform his organization into agile and product-oriented.

  • 60% of simulations show that the customer support is improving, as well as the customer satisfaction,
  • 20% of the simulations have no significant impact on the organizational culture,
  • while in 10% of the simulations the teams pushback this transformation.

Different tactics are tested to reduce the likelihood of a pushback from the employees, such as the intervention of an agile coach and internal trainings. The problem concerns more the 20% which have no significant impact. The simulations show that the selectivity when hiring is one sensitive key parametersChanging the hiring policy by being more selective to customer and product culture may have a positive impact on the transformation success.

Organizations are facing two new related problems


Establish a corporate strategy is useless

in such a changing and uncertain context.

We are not good at optimizing an organization

as a complex system where emergence plays a central role.

Modern organizations are more service oriented. They exchange information more than goods, relying more on humans and their interactions.
From mechanist, organizations have become complex and dynamic systems: learning, adapting and co-evolving with its environment. They become at the same time top-down and bottom-up.

Classical approaches are not capable of embracing this complexity.

Our solution proposal

Forecast organizational transformations at the employee level to help create business-level scenarios for leaders.

The advantages of a fast learning organization, without the cost and the risk of the experimentation.

For Business Continuity

Build a resilient organization by performing analysis and risk management based on scenarios.

For Business Performance

Design your future operating model to achieve your business goals by comparing your current organizational structure with what-if scenario models.



Speeds up strategic and organizational decision-making.

Key parameters

Identify key parameetrs on which leaders must make strategic decisions.


Provides with actionable insights for organization transformation.

Strategic scenario

Accelerate strategic change adoption.


Facilitates consensus around a shared goal.

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