Our Services For HR

We help HR Develop Leaders in areas of management
in a VUCA world.


We analyze your organization with the focus of identifying the key parameters that impact your performance and resilience. Identify areas for improvement.

Virtual Experiment

We simulate organizational transformation scenarios that meet your business goal, such as agile transformation, by varying key parameters.


The forecast module can be calibrated with your information system. Our simulator can then stress and predict your organization behaviour in a changing environment.

HR and managers are facing new problems due to the evolution of employees’ mindset


Organizations are more decentralized and teams more self-organized

Managerial role

The managerial role is evolving and is more distributed in the hands of people who are not in the business, without training or experience.

Our solution : a Leader Serious Game

We provide a serious game based on our simulator to develop leaders in areas of management in a VUCA world and new organizational models.

  • Recruitment tools for managerial HR
  • Scenarios for professional training

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